Are you not able to sleep properly? Being optimistic may help

Did you know that a positive attitude can improve your sleeping pattern? A new study says it can. Read on to know more about it.

If somebody asks you if a glass is half-empty or half-full, how will you reply? Your answer will decide what kind of a person you are, optimistic or pessimistic. It reflects your outlook towards life and this can decide your physical and mental health. A recent research published in the Journal of Behavioral Medicine, reveals that an optimistic approach can help you sleep better. And, it is needless to mention how essential sleep is for everyone.

Positive thinking comes with optimism, which plays a significant role in effective stress management. And effective stress management is linked to various health benefits. But don’t confuse between positive thinking and being impractical. The former means that you approach unpleasantness associated with a certain situation in a more positive and productive way. It is about thinking that the best is going to happen, not the worst.

For the above-mentioned research, scientists conducted a survey that included statements like “I’m always optimistic about my future” and “I hardly expect things to go my way”. Participants had to rate these statements on a five-point scale. This was to show how much they agreed with positive statements. Scores on the survey ranged from six, which was least optimistic to 30, which meant most optimistic. Then, the study subjects reported their sleep twice, five years apart, rating their overall sleep quality and duration during the prior month. The survey successfully accessed symptoms of insomnia, difficulty falling asleep, and the number of hours of actual sleep they obtained each night. Few among these study participants, also participated in an ancillary sleep study based in Chicago. Here, they wore activity monitors for three consecutive days. The monitors collected data on their sleep duration, per cent of time asleep and restlessness while sleeping.  Further, it was found that the people who scored good on their optimism rating had higher odds of reporting good sleep quality.

Not only this, positive thinking is scientifically proven to give you a lot of other benefits. Read on to know about them.

Fights against stress
These days, stress is something that is quite common. It can affect anyone regardless of age, colour, caste, social status, etc. And, it has been associated with various health hazards like heart disease, obesity, asthma, diabetes, headaches, depression, Alzheimer’s disease, premature death and many more. Positive thinking actually makes you feel good and that is what leads to the secretion of endorphins. This is a hormone which gives you an energy boost and keep stress or low self-esteem at bay. This clearly means that the way you think can actually influence the amount of stress you feel.

Increases your life span
Don’t be surprised. As mentioned earlier, positive thinking helps in managing stress, which is one of the main reasons behind premature death. According to experts in the field, having a positive outlook towards life can add 7.5 years to your life. So, if you wish to live longer, make sure you think and feel positive.

Boosts immunity
According to a study conducted at the University of Kentucky psychology, optimism doesn’t only boost your mood but also strengthens your immune system. Science states that everything from marital problems to job stress, can delay healing and promote the onset of diseases.  But you don’t need to take stress about these things. You have your brain and perseverance to take care of your health. Just think good, feel good and do good. And you will experience the change in your immunity yourself.

Promotes heart health
These days, almost everyone likes having fast foods like pizza, burger, French fries, etc. And these foods are already known to contribute to bad cholesterol level in the body, which can cause a plethora of heart problems. To prevent that, most people hit the gym. But how would you feel if we say that reducing your cholesterol level doesn’t require so much of physical work? You just need to be positive. Yes, that’s all you need to do. According to a study published in The American Journal of Cardiology, people who are optimistic, have higher level of good cholesterol in the body. Also, it reduces your risk of experiencing a heart attack by 73 per cent. Additionally, science says that optimism lead people to adopt healthier lifestyles like following a healthier diet, exercising more, and managing stress, which may account for the huge difference. What are you waiting for? Say good bye to all the negativities around. You will feel much better.

Slows ageing
Nobody wants to age early. Everybody is looking for some effective way to reduce their ageing process. And probably that is the reason behind those long queus in front of cosmetic stores these days. According to a research published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, pessimistic people are 80 per cent or more likely to develop mobility and functional problems compared to their counterparts who are optimistic. As we grow old, our functional ability declines. And this is quite disheartening. But when you have a simple solution of delaying this, why worry? Just maintain an optimistic outlook.

Prevents high blood pressure

High blood pressure is dangerous for an many reasons. It can cause stroke, heart attack, or even the fatal cardiac arrest. Hypertension is often caused by stress, anxiety and lifestyle choices like drugs and smoking. In this regard, positive thinking can act as a savior. It is a powerful tool. So, practice a lot more than you do and clear negativity from your life.