Jogging: 8 health benefits that you didn’t know about

Does running or going to the gym feel like a grueling task? Well, you have another option to think about. What about jogging? This is a type of physical exercise that is scientifically proven to benefit health in the long run. A recent research published in the Journal PLOS Genetics, has revealed that jogging regularly can help you lose those extra kilos. Also, it has been found to help in managing obesity associated with genetics.

Jogging is a form of sustained running at a slow pace. It is faster than walking but slower than running. Without putting strain to the body, jogging helps in maintaining your tempo. If you are someone who cannot take on a rigorous fitness regime, jogging is for you. It is a complete exercise that gradually prepares your body for much intense workouts. It is a general perception that jogging only helps in losing weight. Now is the time to break this myth. Jogging is associated with a plethora of health benefits. It helps build endurance and boost stamina. Also, this slow exercise is known to help in strengthening your muscles. Before discussing its benefits in detail, you must know the right way to jog.

To start with jogging, firstly make a daily or weekly plan about the distance you will cover in a certain time. This will keep you motivated and focused. Wear running shoes. Choosing the right shoes is important as they will protect your feet and bones. Now, it’s time for warm up. It is significant to keep muscle cramps at bay. Warm up prepares your muscles for the endurance training you are going to do. Also, while you are jogging, do not slouch. Make sure your chest is out and shoulders rolled back.

Always start joggings by walking. After 30 seconds, you can increase your pace. Do brisk walking after 60 seconds. Then again go for slow walking. Changing pace will prevent you from burning out quickly. While you are jogging, land your feet softly on the ground. This is important to prevent shock on your knees. Now, one of the most significant factors that you need to keep in mind is breathing. Follow a particular rhythm when you are jogging. Keep counting your steps and breathe in and out. You can consider breathing in slowly through your nose for four steps and then exhale slowly through your nose for the next four steps. Additionally, jog in zig-zag direction and look for landmarks. This will help you jog for long and will give you an idea about when to take rest.

Here, we tell you why jogging can be your best buddy when it comes to be fitness and health.

  1. Improves bone strength
Jogging on a regular basis puts little stress on your joints. This prepares the bone tissue for the additional load every day. This is what makes your bones stronger and prevents bone trauma and injuries. Also, it improves bone thickness and helps you get rid of problems like osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Jogging keeps your hip and spine stronger.

  • Develops muscles
Jogging engages your hamstrings, calf, and gluteal muscles in the mid sectional area of your body. Jogging regularly puts these muscles into a repetitive emotional activity that tones the muscles. So, if you desire a lean and toned body, start doing this exercise regularly.

  • Keeps mind healthy
Jogging plays a significant role in improving your mental health. During this workout, pituitary gland is stimulated, and it secretes endorphins hormone. This chemical is responsible for deciding how you feel. Its high level in the body can lift your mood and make you feel positive about yourself. This hormone can reduce your stress and calm you down naturally. Jogging reduces tension and also clears the mind of unnecessary thoughts. It has a positive impact on people and changes their attitudes and outlook for the better.

  • Good for heart
Jogging on a daily basis is considered to be a great cardio workout. It helps to keep heart problems and various other disease at bay by ensuring that your blood is pumped faster to the heart. Jogging keeps your blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood glucose levels in control. Jogging actually strengthens the heart muscles and makes them work more efficiently.

  • Boosts the respiratory system
Jogging can potentially enhance your lung capacity and strengthen the muscles of the respiratory system. This helps your lungs to take in more oxygen and efficiently remove carbon dioxide. Moreover, jogging, which is an aerobic training, can help in improving the endurance capacity of the respiratory muscles. Asthma patients are advised not to indulge in this activity as it can trigger an episode.

  • Slows ageing process
This is because jogging ensures that your skin receives more oxygen and blood. This is the reason why your face looks fresh, youthful and radiant after you come back from jogging.

  • Boosts your immune system
Jogging can make your immune system stronger. When you inhale fresh oxygen, it rejuvenates your body. This has a significant impact on the body’s defense system. Jogging actually boosts the production of white blood cells in the body and builds up immunity. It makes you stronger and helps fight against depression and stress. Also, jogging regularly can remove fatigue.